Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 41 - 10th February 2017 - Mourning Doves, Woodpecker and Chickadee

Yesterday started off nice enough, but by noon it had started to cloud over, mid afternoon the wind picked up and it was considerably darker. No doubt that there was a weather system on it's way. It started just before supper, came down fast and hard, then turned to ice pellets/freezing rain and back to snow. Not really sure how much we received in total. Too dark to tell yet. I got up to the back porch door swinging open- not good but sometimes it pays to wake  at 4:30am. At least it was still locked! This old house drives me nuts sometimes - a little ice must have gotten down around the bottom of the door casing - oh well a bungie cord is doing the trick for now. Stars are out, wind has picked up a bit but according to the weather sites, the storm is over. It was great watching the birds late in the afternoon before the snow started. The Chickadees were crazy feeding - trying to get their bellies full before the storm. They remind me of Hummingbirds, in that they never stop eating. I went back out and reloaded the Christmas tree and a few feeders before supper.

Mourning Doves all puffed up against the wind.

Female Woodpecker enjoying the suet

In the Christmas Tree finding seeds.

Enjoy your day!

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