Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 46 - 15th February 2017 - Song Sparrow, Blue Jay and Evening Grosbeak

Beautiful morning out there - stars and moon are shining brightly, the snow is sparkling like natures bling. Another  "special weather statement" up on the weather sites - more snow/ice pellets coming for tonight and tomorrow morning. Guess I'll wait til spring to put away the storm supplies - Butane burner, lanterns etc.  Tuesday morning was a great time for snowshoeing - got out for an hour through the hood. The snow was crusty in most places and was easy to stay on top. I'll take advantage of the nice day and go out again. It's also easier for me to go around the house knocking off the icicles. So far the electric stuff we have on the roof is working well and we are avoiding leaks. Time to tackle a couple of hours of database entry again.  Might throw a chicken in the oven for supper, the storm Chili is gone and I like my leftovers!

The Song Sparrow was resting in the Christmas Tree.
This Blue Jay is having a bad hair day!
Another Christmas tree visitor - Evening Grosbeak

Enjoy your day!

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