Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 50 - 19th February 2017 - Snow, Lights and a Birdhouse

Saturday warmed up and by afternoon things were melting - not the big high snow banks but the ice and snow on the tree limbs. Big B and I went for a walk after lunch, I've not figured out how to manage snowshoes and her at the same time so it was easier to go on foot. I mostly puttered around in the house, making pizza for supper, a few lunches for Larry's work week, laundry, etc. Kenny & Shawn came over so we got the spare bed move downstairs, so I can finish up that room. Now if they would just call with a surgery date! Think we might head out  and make a quick trip to Yarmouth this morning - need to pick up some things - my out of town list is getting long.

 Looking across the lake.

The summer lights from a neighbour's have dipped with the wind.

 Pretty cool the way the snow has rolled - looks like a small bucket or cup.
A bright red Birdhouse waits for spring.

Enjoy your day!

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