Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 58 - 27th February 2017 - Bald Eagles and Goldeneyes

Sunday was nice but not quite as warm as the last few days, the wind had some bite to it. We only went as far as Town for groceries, a trip to the Industrial Park for birds. Rewarded with Eagles but nothing else.  Of course there were Gulls and Crows but I didn't bother much with those. Larry put some more wood in the basement and worked on a shelving unit. I puttered around and did the lunch box muffins, laundry etc. Such excitement! Looks like the next few days are mild, some rain on the way later in the week.
Grandfather's Journal: 
Apr 8th-10th, 1944 - Walked from Norman's Road to Laddies Saturday night after 5pm - 1 1/2 hours walking. Sunday fishing - 22 good ones, 1 Sea trout. Walked back to the car early Monday morning.
 Apr 22, 23 1944 - Drove as far as bridge in truck. I got through to Griffs in Chev, chains and planks.  Caught 45 fish put about same back. Minnows best. Perfect day, SW wind. 

Bald Eagle - there were four of them at the end of the Industrial Park - all immature.

Goldeneyes flying over East McKay Lake - locally known as "Whistlers".

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