Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 45 - 14th February 2017 - Chickadee, Blue Jays and Junco

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Well we weathered that storm and boy it was everything they called for and then some! Still windy this morning and cold but no more snow coming down. We were fortunate, didn't lose our power - that's the thing that always sucks in a storm. I kept the Christmas tree and feeders closest to the house filled all day and the birds appreciated the food. They were hungry and the wind tossed the little ones around like paper. I did buzz around and do some chores - laundry, floors etc. in the morning, then curled up with Lexi and read in the afternoon. We all kind of dozed off. Larry kept the driveway cleared, working an hour at a time and then resting in between. The snow was heavy to shovel. Today I'll get out on the snowshoes for a roam in the hood. Now that we've had our winter - I'm ready for spring!

 Blue Jays

Enjoy your day!

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