Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 59 - 28th February 2017 - Lake, Ice and Cranberries

Good bye February - can't believe it's the last day of another month. Winter is flying by. The tulips are probably 3-4 inches up out of the ground now, crocuses are up as well. Looking forward to some bright color in the yard. The wind was cold Monday but the sun gathers strength as each day goes by, daylight is arriving earlier and only a few more weeks before we "spring" ahead in time. The Owls were hooting early this morning at the head of the lake. When it's still and quiet you can hear their call echo around the lake.  Exercise class last night was a killer - already I can feel the muscles that aren't happy. Oh well, guess they'll get over it! 

Along the shore there is still ice but a few patches of water are breaking through.

Seeing a strip of blue water in the lake these days.
Cranberries are visible again in the ditch.

Enjoy your day

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