Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 44 - 13th Feebruary 2017 - Junco, Evening Grosbeak and Chickadee

Starting off the week with another storm. It's wild out there this morning - wind is blowing hard, snowing -  looks like this is truly the blizzard/storm they called for.  So far the power is holding here, not sure about other places. Good day to stay in and either curl up with a cup of tea and read or do a little database entry. Hopefully later I'll get out on the snowshoes. Yesterday was  a get ready for the storm day - did a big pot of chili to have ready for Monday/Tuesday night supper - something easy that can be reheated on the butane burner just in case of a power outage. Did up lunch entrees for a couple of days for Larry and of course muffins. Puttered around with laundry, etc. Then headed out for a roam on the snowshoes. Not quite enough snow, but the banks of the road where the plow plows it up is pretty good for zipping across. Stopped at Lois' for tea and she had to make me famous with a pic! Larry continue with the bathroom and threw some more wood in the basement.

Junco and Song Sparrow in the Honeysuckle Bush.

Evening Grosbeak foraging for seeds

Even the Squirrels needed to eat before the storm
The Chickadee found the prize

Enjoy your day - stay safe!

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