Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 244 - 31st August 2016 - Sunlight and a Dory Launch

Well good bye to August, can't believe another month has flown by. Cooler this morning - the cool nights feel good after the heat of the day. Today is my long day, I go in with Larry this morning so will roam the waterfront. Had a great day at work Monday, so fabulous to work with such good people. The Dory Shop launched a new Dory yesterday morning and the Dory Maker and his Assistant were generous enough to take us all out for a row in the Harbour. Beautiful day for it and was happy I had taken Big B. to work so I could get some photos of the event.

A little sun coming through the trees.
So the first step - moving out the loft.
All hands help out above and below
Almost down
And the first time in the water. She moves good, think she'll make a great racer.

Enjoy your day!