Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 224 - 11th August 2016 - Northern Parula, Black & White Warbler and Great Blue Heron

Up too early again this morning, it's becoming tiresome. Not sure  what it's all about but would love to stay in bed til 5 am a few days! On a plus note, it was raining - a little more than the 6 raindrops we got last evening after supper. At least the bottom of Larry's buckets look covered. Maybe he won't have to water the garden this morning. Once again they've downgraded the amount we are suppose to get on the weekend.
A busy Wednesday at the museum. I think the Ferry from the USA to Yarmouth must be increasing the tourist traffic. Definitely seems to be more travellers around and Canadians appear to be staying in Canada more or at least that's my observation. What I really like to see is the Nova Scotians exploring Nova Scotia. It's nice to see all the great things we have before traveling further.
Another misty morning on the lake, love the way it rolls along the surface.

Northern Parula. Took the opportunity to walk along the shoreline so the light was actually behind me for a change. There are lots of rocks where I went so maybe not the best idea scampering over them in a long skirt, but I didn't fall.
Black & White Warbler
From Dock Street you could see three Great Blue Herons out on the reef - this one seem to be "tip toeing".

Enjoy your day!

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