Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 233 - 20th August 2016 - Northern Parula, Fisherman and Downy Woodpecker

Cooler this morning, stars are all hanging in the sky early and it's very quiet except for a few apples falling from the tree and hitting the wood shed roof.  Working the weekend but before I head in this morning will hit the hood and see what's around. Then I'll tackle the grocery shopping. Best to get it done before work - it's less stressful for sure. Larry started ripping up the old flooring last evening so will continue in the reno department today. First job will be to level up the floor. 
A hot Friday, some wind but not enough to really cool you off.  Quiet at work, but lots of things to catch up on so the day flew by as it always does. We must be at the end of summer as our student finishes today. Will be sad to see her go, she's been such a joy to work with. Hopefully she'll return next season.
Northern Parula
As I came up the hill on the private road I met this lovely gentleman.
A stunning wood carving by a local artist.

Young Downy Woodpecker seeking breakfast.

Enjoy your day!

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