Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 217 - 4th August 2016 - Butterfly, Shorebirds and a Savannah Sparrow

Days off are over and time to get back to work. Slept in - air feels cooler this morning, a nice change for sure. Had a couple of great days. Wednesday morning Cal, Laurel and I headed to Hemeon's Head for some birding. Would have been a bit better if the tide had been just a tad lower but it's hard to co-ordinate days off, weather and tide. Didn't matter we had a good time and saw a number of shorebirds - Dowitchers, Yellow Legs, Ruddy Turnstones, Black Bellied Plovers, Stilt Sandpipers and Dunlins. There were also a number of Savannah and Song Sparrow and we counted 20 Great Blue Heron come out of one pond. Almost forgot Common Terns, Cormorants and Gulls. Home in the early afternoon and later headed to the lake for a swim with Lois.
Atlantis Fritillary, I think. Some butterflies are as hard as birds to figure out.

A stretched out Dowitcher - just when you think you know they change position!

Shorebirds in flight.

A group of sleeping Dowitchers.
Savannah Sparrow.

Enjoy your day!

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