Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 221 - 8th August 2016 - Palm Warbler, Grey Catbird, Hummingbird and Bees

Beautiful morning out there - the sky is filled with stars and the air is cool and clear. A lone Loon is calling on the lake. Day off - should do some cooking and meal prep for the week this morning while it stays cool. My regular dilemma - birding is best first thing in the day and I should get my cooking done then too. Well there is no doubt which will win out - a jaunt around the hood of course.  That's the first week of August gone, another hot day. I did take an hour before heading to work to get out for a walk. Not as busy at work as it was on Saturday but we kept busy with a number of things we were working on.
Stunning morning on the lake.

Palm Warbler

Rarely a day goes by that the Grey Catbird doesn't make an appearance on my walk. Sometimes I think he follows me.
A young male Hummingbird eyes up the pole bean blossoms.
The Sunflowers planted by the birds are hosts to lots of Bees.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It does my heart good to see all those bees. :)