Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 227 - 14th August 2016 - Dowitchers, Great Blue Heron and Black-Bellied Plover

A few rain drops fell overnight but not many, hopefully more to come today. Think we'll make a quick trip to Yarmouth this morning, don't want to waste the whole day but do need to pick up a few things out of town. Then to get ready for the work week - some food prep, etc. 
We had a pretty great day. A few rain drops but nothing that deterred me from my mission. Drove down through Port Clyde - Thomasville - Port LaTour, checking out the ponds along the way. A few Great Blue Herons and some Greater Yellow Legs. Stopped at Crows Neck Beach found some peeps,  a couple of Spotted Sandpipers and CommonTerns. Headed to my main destination Sandhills Beach - first time we've been there this year. Lots of Semipalmted Plovers, Sandpipers, Least and Sanderlings, Dowitchers, a few Black Bellied Sandpipers and Terns. A little disappointed we didn't see any Red Knots, but it's great to walk along with the shorebirds as they feed - such a peaceful feeling. Headed over to Barrington and order the supplies for the Bathroom reno - will be nice to get it started. Lunch at Dan's and some grocery shopping and then homeward bound.


Great Blue Heron

           Peeps feeding along the waves
Semipalmated Plovers

Another couple of Dowitchers - probably long-billed but I can't tell the difference between long and short.

Semipalmated Sandpiper or Sanderling.

 Black-Bellied Plover in flight

Dowitcher in flight.

Enjoy your day!

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