Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 215 - 2nd August 2016 - Common Yellowthroat Warbler, Swamp Sparrow and the Lake

Not the way I want to start my next  couple of days off with lots to do. Up at 3am - to a barking dog (mine) at the foot of the bed - @%*# ! Probably a deer roaming along the road  got her attention.  Perfect time for housework but I don't want to wake Larry so I finish reading another book.  Housework today - yup got to buzz around and chase cobwebs and do some food prep for lunch boxes and suppers. My freezer stash is starting to get low. Of course a little jaunt around the hood is in order and maybe a swim in the lake later this afternoon if I can keep my eyes open. Just before 5 am rain begins, hopefully we get a bit more than last evening. Another hot day at work yesterday but otherwise good.
Common Yellowthroat Warbler
Another stunning morning on the lake

Swamp Sparrow I think.
A plane leaves a pink slash in the sky as it flies far overhead

Enjoy your day

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  1. Oh my, that tiny Yellowthroat looks so darn cute. It must be one of this years. So darn cute. Look at how low the lake is... I'd be afraid of swimming in it... eels and leeches. Are there any in the lake??