Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 237 - 24th August 2016 - Magnolia Warbler, Black & White Warbler and Palm Warbler

Another cool fresh morning. Stars are all out shining brightly. Not a sound - no Owls or Loons calling yet. Daylight comes later now in the morning and darkness earlier in the evening. The weeks are morphing into months and August will soon be over. Won't be long and the school bus will be making it's trips up and down the road numerous times during the day. Well I'm off today and tomorrow, will make a stab at some housework, the renovation is creating mess and dust, but I guess that's part of progress.
A lovely Tuesday, nice breeze, clear air and sunshine. I'm sure though everyone would really like more rain. Didn't  find much on my morning walk until I was near the end and spotted a few Warblers and Ruffed Grouse. Had better luck when  got home at supper time checking out the apple trees in the yard. Nice day at work, lovely visitors from various places.

Magnolia Warbler

Black & White Warbler
The Palm Warblers like to hang out in the pole beans
Morning coming through the trees

Saw two deer but the other one was in the woods by the time I got my camera up.This one wasn't interested in me.

Enjoy your day!

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