Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 223 - 10th August 2016 - Palm Warbler, Blue Headed Vireos and Black & White Warbler

Stars are all out once again this morning and I can hear an Owl "hooting" up the lake.  Love just being able to hear the sounds of the woods early in the day. Walk this morning then off to work. It's not been so bad the last week, until  the afternoon then I feel like I'm overheating. Oh well not much we can do about that. At least there is some relief and soon enough we will complain about the cold.
Good day  at work and we got out a bit early because it was parade night - how great is that! So everything went smoothly and Larry and the fire truck got back out on the road for the parade a few minutes earlier than we planned. Sadly more forest fires are cropping up, we so desperately need rain.  It's lovely walking in the morning now, the air is much cooler and there is usually mist rising off of the lake, creating a soft and blurry picture as the sun moves up into the sky.

Palm Warbler
Not a great shot but 2 Blue Headed Vireos.

Morning on the lake
The Black & White Warblers are fun to watch.

Enjoy your day!

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