Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 230 - 17th August 2016 - Red Sky, Palm Warbler and Black Throated Blue Warbler

Rain is finally happening, coming down really hard. Although they say it will clear early this afternoon I'd like to see a good 24 hours of this. We need so much but at least this is a good start and  will make a difference with the forest fires, etc. Larry got all the rain buckets and barrels in place last evening so we should be good for the garden again. I'm in early with Larry this morning, so best take my umbrella, won't be taking Big B. today.
Had a good walk yesterday morning,  heavy mist rising from the lake. Always enjoy watching it. A few birds around, but they are beginning to move on I think. Fall Migration has started no doubt, even though technically August is still summer. Well it's also the time we get a chance to see a few rarities or migrates as they pass through. Busy day at work, lots of visitors and new stuff for our gift shop!
Red sky at dawn.......

Right around 6 am Tuesday morning. .

 The ever faithful Palm Warbler
 Hermit Thrush
Female Black-throated blue Warbler.

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