Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 219 - 6th August 2016 - Phlox, Flowers and Boats in the Harbour

More heat and dry weather. It appears no matter what we have we aren't happy but right now some rain would be good. It was a quiet walk along Dock Street, not much activity but some pretty flowers in various yards, a few Song Sparrow, Crows and the odd Gull. A chance of thunder showers overnight - I've given up on the meteorologists - they give this weather every few days and then we get nothing, fingers crossed for tonight. Working this weekend and sometime I've got to do some grocery shopping, either this morning before work or tonight after work. Ideally morning is better but then that will cut into an hour or so I could roam the hood. Decisions, decisions!
My Phlox hedge is coming into bloom.

Flowers along the waterfront.

A few boats in the harbour, sitting peacefully.

Enjoy your day!

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