Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 238 - 25th August 2016 - Rock, Palm Warbler and Golden Crowned Kinglet

Off again today, pretty quiet out there this morning, not many stars in the sky. Going to throw a roast in the slow cooker with some potatoes and carrots from the garden. Love having the fresh produce. Then places to go and things to do - going to be another good day!
Lovely day off. Worked hard to find a few birds this morning, but did see a couple of Golden Crown Kinglets mixed in with some Northern Parulas, Red-Eye Vireos and Palm Warblers. As crazy as it sounds I decided to make a batch of brown bread rolls - yes even in the heat occasionally I get the urge to bake. A couple saved for Larry and I, the rest given away. By mid afternoon was ready for a swim so stopped and dragged Lois away from her housework. The water is a little cooler when you first get in but so very refreshing. Lately I've been grumbling about no new birds but as I walked  the private road back home, 4 little Palm Warblers came out, flitting along in front and beside me. It was a cool feeling. By that time the day had flown by, did up supper consisting of a couple of pieces of salmon, fresh swiss chard and beans from the garden.

I climbed along the shore of another point and discovered this rock. Pretty neat looking.

Sparrow got breakfast.

Palm Warblers are everywhere

Love watching the mist rise up off of the water

Not great shots but - Golden Crowned Kinglets

Enjoy your day!

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