Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 240 - 27th August 2016 - Daisy, Black Throated Blue Warbler and Hummingbird

Sky is lit up with stars and a sliver of the moon. Air feels a little less humid - that's a good thing. A Loon calls off in the lake. Working today, but for now will enjoy a little quiet time before the house wakes up and things get going. Larry is going to work on renos while I'm off to work. Think I'll find time for a quick jaunt around the hood.
So by late morning the sky was grey and overcast - we waited and waited for rain and by late afternoon we got about 11 raindrops. Once again we missed out and there is no real amount in the forecast. Looks like another dry week heading into the first of September. Decent day at work, although visitors are slow, it's a transitional time I think. People are starting to get children prepped for school and retired folks will begin travelling again after the long weekend. I continued on an inventory project, which also involves some research. Love finding out what those old neat artifacts are all about.
 Daisy - those plants that grow along the road side, don't seem to suffer from the drought like our garden does.
 Hummingbird. This one is a bit feisty, the last time I saw her she was chasing a Magnolia Warbler

 Female Black Throated Blue Warbler -she gave me a run around
 Palm Warbler

Enjoy your day!

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