Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 97 - 6th April 2016 - Grackle, Chipping Sparrow and Purple Finch

It's Wednesday and my town day, seems it comes around quickly.  It's a cold morning but looks like the sun will come out and warm up some later. Hopefully it will melt the rest of the snow!!!Thank goodness I've got a hair appointment this afternoon. It's become totally out of control!
Didn't go out for my early walk, waited and took Lexi later. I just didn't have the heart to trudge through snow and take winter photos. The Grackle population is booming - up to 35 now, I think they've become a herd. They remind me of rusty hinges when they are all squawking away. A little more spring cleaning done, some computer work and finished off the day with some cooking. Being Tuesday Cathy stopped for afternoon coffee. Will miss our visits when I go back to work.
Handsome Devil - Grackle.

The Chipping Sparrow still visits.

Mourning Dove enjoying some afternoon sun.
The male Purple Finches are getting brighter.

Enjoy your day!

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