Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 106 - 15th April 2016 - Robin, Purple Finches and Evening Grosbeaks

Friday has arrived, another end to the work week for many. Looks like a fine weather forecast - yeah! Some birding on the horizon for us Saturday and maybe Sunday. Next week will be my last week home then it's back to work (that sure guarantee good weather). New growth is popping up in my flower beds - the Hostas and Solomon's Seal are coming and a few more bulbs.
The sun did shine and I got out for a lovely long walk, although once again nothing exciting around. Some day soon one of the Warblers will pop out of the bushes at me. They are beginning to see  a few in Yarmouth. My only new spring arrival was a Cowbird and I will not even mention what I tried to turn him into. Sometimes I get overly impatient for new and/or rare birds to arrive! 
 Great day for Robins - lots of them around.
 Purple Finch - immature male maybe, I can see hints of raspberry color on the tips of wings.
Male Purple Finch.
Female & Male Evening Grosbeaks.

Enjoy your day!

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