Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 119 - 28th April 2016 - Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Mallards and a Tree Swallow

 Back to work today. Feeling a little more up to it than I was on Monday, starting to get into the swing. Although the lottery would be nice, but for now it's off to work I go. Looks like a nice day in the forecast.
What a great day at home...once the snow melted! HAHA! Might as well laugh about it. I got out and around the hood early. The yard birds seemed to be fine with the white stuff, but then they've seen it all winter. I don't think the Spring arrivals were thrilled - not a lot of singing on my route other than Song Sparrows and one Yellow Rumped Warbler. I did see and hear two Hermit Thrushes on the way back. It had warmed up by then. We have a pair of Tree Swallows that are hanging out on the Telephone line in front of the house, I keep telling them to start making their nest in the bird house. I'm seeing a number of them around so perhaps they are increasing. It was a good day at home - turkey soup, turkey casserole, breakfast bake and baked haddock along with housework and some good roaming.
Yellow Rumped Warbler singing to the sun.

A misty morning on the lake

Mallards in action
Lupins are emerging on the roadside.
I think she's telling the Male Tree Swallow to start gathering nesting supplies!

Enjoy your day!

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