Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 109 - 18th April 2016 - Swamp Sparrow, Tree Swallows and the River

Monday morning you came too quickly.  Stars are all out and the peepers are chirping. Another nice day on the horizon. Have to buzz around and get some things done this morning, then I think I'm off to help my friend sort out that box of family treasures we picked up on Friday.
Sunday was a gorgeous day! We decided to go out to Clyde River and do the loop - up through Middle Clyde to Upper Clyde then home.  Saw Song Sparrows, Flickers, Swamp Sparrows (first of the season) and Tree Swallows (first of the season) so it was a great trip. For me it's the road of my childhood - these days my spring pilgrimage  to the homeland. I always stop to the Cemetery and visit Grandmother and Grandfather. The one thing that bothers me on this trip is the amount of garbage on the road - well not just the road but the push offs, side roads, etc. Since we have garbage pick up in both the Municipality of Shelburne and Barrington why is there a need to throw your furniture, appliance and other old junk in the woods. I just don't get it! Still had the whole afternoon at home to do some work. The best of both worlds.
 Swamp Sparrow - there were 4 in one place.
 We saw 5 Tree Swallows in all, but 4 were in one yard.

She had staked out the bird house below her and wasn't letting anyone else have it.
 The river was moving fast.

Enjoy your day!

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