Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 96 - 5th April 2016 - Wood Duck, Bling and Daffodils

I didn't dream the snow it's out there - ground is all covered again. Maybe some of it will melt off today if it the sun comes out. Tuesday has become a day to be mostly in the kitchen. Do some more lunch box entrees, maybe a soup or casserole for a few suppers, etc. Then back to the spring cleaning.
All morning I thought - the weather sites must be wrong - it was beautiful and sunny, although kind of cold but sure enough by late afternoon it started getting overcast and the snow came just before supper. I went out for my walk early, in hopes of seeing the Wood Duck that arrived at Myrna's on Saturday.  I was rewarded and got some nice shots of him. No sign of his wife, she must be coming on a later flight. It was a day of some first of the season - saw a Loon in the lake (too far away for good shots) and had a Male Northern Flicker in the yard. It was the fourth week of the online course I'm doing - all about DNA testing this time. Quite interesting and something I'd like to follow up on, might be  a way of cracking a brick wall in the family tree.

He's a stunning creature!

I thought he deserved more than one photo.

 I had hoped I was done with winter bling but guess not.
 The miniature Daffodils survived Sunday's snow, not sure about Monday.

Enjoy your day!

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