Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 107 - 16th April 2016 - Northern Flicker, Cowbird, Grackle and Song Sparrow

It's Saturday so it must be a birding day!! Rah! Still blowing out there this morning, doesn't feel as cold as yesterday but it's still a nor'east wind.  Not quite sure where we will head, maybe to Blanche, Baccaro then Cape Sable Island and back to Barrington for groceries. It's almost a regular routine for Saturdays now.
I started Friday with good intentions of doing housework - thank goodness I got persuaded to head out on a little road trip with a friend. We went out to Port Clyde to pick up a very large box of family treasures, had lunch at Clyde River then back at her place to take a look through and see what was in the box. Some interesting items. We solved an old family genealogy problem, but of course now have to find proof for our theory. Got home just in time to sling some supper together. All in all a good outing and day.
The Flicker rested quietly in the Honeysuckle Bush almost like he didn't care I was watching.

Brown headed Cowbird.

One of about 40 Grackles.
The Song Sparrow usually sticks to the ground feeding.

Enjoy your day!

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