Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 93 - 2nd April 2016- Grackles and a Chipmunk

 The wind has died out this morning and the only sound I can hear is that  of ducks in the ditch by the road nearby. Weather forecast (should I believe it) says the rain is suppose to hold off til late morning. Might be a good chance to take a run to Cape Sable Island and see if anything has appeared. I know that several Piping Plover arrived this week. Then of course we could stop and do shopping on the way home in Barrington.
We survived a very wet and wild Friday.  It was a good day to continue with the spring cleaning although Lexi and I did get out a couple of times quickly between hard showers. The Grackles are growing in numbers, seems I have 13 males and 1 female now. By evening the rain at stopped, but the wind continued and you could hear the peepers - singing away.
 A very wet Grackle!

 He looks like the "angry bird".

One of the two Chipmunks I have in the yard. 
The Daphne is getting more blooms.

Enjoy your day!

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