Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 120 - 29th April 2016 - Dandelion, Lilac and Tree Swallow

Brrr it's chilly out this morning. Wish the days would warm up some. Well it's Friday and the last day of the work week. That can only mean that tomorrow is Saturday and a chance to get out and look for birds. Looking forward to a little  adventure.
Making some progress at the office. Usually the first week is pretty clear as no one really knows I'm back and I can play catch up with some stuff. Next week hopefully I'll tackle the research that's behind. Things are beginning to come together once again. I've skipped exercise class this week, more anxious to get out for a walk after supper and some fresh air.
Dandelions are all across the lawn.
The Lilac bush has buds emerging.

Chickadee all puffed up getting warm in the morning sun.
The Tree Swallows are either zipping around in the air or sitting on the telephone lines. Wish one would just perch on a nice branch.

Enjoy your day!

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