Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 92 - 1st April 2016 - Crocuses and a Downy Woodpecker

Happy April Fool's Day - hope you don't get tricked! March winds bring forth April showers, although it sounds like more than just showers for today. So I guess it will be an inside day of more spring cleaning etc. I would seriously rather curl up with a book, but there are things to be done and they don't get accomplished on their own. The weather doesn't look any better for the weekend which will put a damper on birding. Larry's been working in the woodpile after supper for an hour or so - that will free up some of our weekends later.
March left us like a lion, although at least it was warm and sunny but the wind blew hard and continued all night. The birds were flying sideways and the little ones looked like they had no control over their destination. By afternoon the Crocuses were all open - the yellow and white ones are pretty well spent but the purple are in their prime.  Thursday evening continued my love/hate relationship with exercise class but it helps to remove the Easter chocolate I've been inhaling.
They maybe small but pack a punch of color throughout the yard.
In the morning they were still closed.

But by afternoon the sun had opened them all up.
Downy Woodpecker checking for lunch in the lilac bush.

Enjoy your day!

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