Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 104 - 13th April 2016 - Daffodils and a Chickadee

Rain and then suppose to clear later today. That will be nice, especially if the sun comes out. Off to town - my weeks will soon be changed around and I'll be home on Wednesday. Soon time to return to work.
So Tuesday remained overcast and gray, although we were fortunate there wasn't a lot of rain. Just the odd shower now and then.  Not a lot of birds at the feeders - a few Purple Finches, Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, numerous Chickadees, some Blue Jays and part of the herd of Grackles. I find on milder days they look else where. The pair of Mallards roamed around the yard earlier in the day, rather fun to watch. She eats and he stands guard. The Robins are growing in numbers and I notice a few chasing one another and chattering away in the trees. Song Sparrows sing every morning now and the Flicker remains near by.
Not a great day for photos but I got out in the yard to take a few of the daffodils.

The regular ones are beginning to bloom too.

Always a lot of Chickadees around.

Enjoy your day!

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