Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 100 - 9th April 2016 - Purple Finches, Goldfinch and Northern Flicker

Seems that it was just January 1st and now we are onto the 100th day of the year. Seems I didn't quite get all the things done that I planned to this winter. It looks like it's going to be a better weather day, maybe a trip to Cape Sable Island this morning. Hopefully something interesting has come in on the winds we've had the last few days. A bonus will be that West Head Takeout has opened and lunch of clams and chips after a long winter is in order. Not on the diet but sometimes you have to enjoy life.
Busy day at the feeders - there seems to be more Pine Siskins now, lot of Goldfinches and Purple Finches. At one point the three species numbered around 70. The Northern Flicker spent a good amount of time going through the yard, finding grubs (I assume) in the lawn. Peepers were back out singing last night and there was a beautiful sunset in the west and a rainbow in the east. A good way to end a day.

Male Purple Finch.
The male Goldfinches are really getting their colors now.

The male Northern Flicker hung around most all day.

Female Purple Finch.

Enjoy your day!

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