Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 101 - 10th April 2016 - Common Eiders, Brant Geese and Black Crowned Night Heron

Even though  the heavy wet  white stuff  is coming down out there this morning, it's not going to prevent me from thinking spring is here and we are changing to a better season.
Had a great Saturday on Cape Sable Island. No new birds but 4 new ones for this season or 2016. Finally nice to see a few different ones.  We roamed around the Island looking for birds - having a little luck with a few but nothing out standing. Still was nice to get out there. Ran into Alix and went back down on Daniel's Head Beach - tide was in and the surf was rough, but we found the first of the Sanderlings to arrive for the season and one of the Piping Plovers that had been seen last week.  It was getting close to lunch time so we headed back to West Head Take Out (on my list of Spring things to do). Lunch was perfect, huge helpings of Seafood Platter for me and Clams for Larry. As we were eating, got a call from Alix, Ervin had spotted a Black Crown Night Heron - so back we went. We had scanned that spot for ducks, etc. several times earlier and hadn't spied him. After all that excitement we went off to Barrington, did our grocery shopping and then on to home. Larry went out to the woodpile and I puttered around in the house.
Male and Female Common Eiders in flight.
One of the 19 Sanderlings we spotted.
Piping Plover - home they have a successful nesting season.
Black Crowned Night Heron.

In flight.

Two of the Brant Geese. There were a number of the in various locations.

Enjoy your day!

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