Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 103 - 12th April 2016 - Bird Nest, the Lake and Grandmother's Journal

It's raining this morning -  it will be a mostly inside day. Oh well, I've got work in the kitchen to do and some computer work, not to mention I should return to the spring cleaning.
The weather yesterday wasn't quite as nice as I anticipated but I've done my rant on that already. I did get out for a long walk then a couple with Lexi, but it was quiet, nothing much around especially after all the exciting finds of the weekend. Week 5 of my online course - I think next Monday is the last one. Exercise class last night - worked us hard, hopefully I can still move.
Today would have been Grandmother's 98th birthday, so guess it's time to share a few days of her journal.
12 April 1977: To town as usual. Bob went to pickup up Mervyn to work on Friday. Tonight helped us. Girls, Barb & Judy over. Beautiful afternoon. Cold and overcast early looked like rain or snow. Bob late. Glad to see the girls. 
14 April 1977: Swallows! Supposed to rain. Bob went to town with me. Came out fine.North westerly winds, cold. Bob got another shot in his arm. Hope this does the trick. Mother & Jimmie came for a visit. Interviews for Jimmie in NS. Hope he lands something nearer here. Bob heard Swallows today, couldn't see them. 

Another nest I missed somehow along my winter walks. This one was filled with ice yesterday but soon the birds will be here and nesting again.

It's been a while since the lake was so calm, but the wind did pick up eventually.

The faithful Chickadee.

Enjoy your day!

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