Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 94 - 3rd April 2016 - Pheasants, Gull and Song Sparrow

The peepers are in fine voice this morning. I will continue to think about them and spring as we get snow later today and tomorrow.  It won't last long as both the sun and ground are warmer. Still doesn't mean I want to see it. Probably a home day - lunch box prep etc. Maybe a roam around the hood later. 
We got through a good part of the day without rain, although it was overcast and really foggy in the morning as we headed across the causeway to Cape Sable Island.  A tour around the island and I either missed the good stuff (Plovers and Pintails) or they weren't in their usual spots when we were there. Did see a Great Blue Heron, Gulls Eiders, etc.  Ran into some other birders and chatted about a possible new find by one yesterday but it never re-appeared and we moved on our travels to Barrington and groceries. The long way home with a side trip to Blanche yielded a pair of Pheasant but not the Gray Jays I had hoped to find. By then the rain had started so we headed for home.
Both Male and Female Pheasant at Blanche on Saturday. She was a little more shy. 

He of course was happy to strut his stuff!

Fog and surf at Daniel's Head.
 Herring Gull.

Song Sparrows seem to be on every branch singing away!

Enjoy your day!

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