Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 102 - 11th April 2016 - Indigo Bunting, Bald Eagle and Purple Finch

Monday morning, stars are all out but it's a bit chilly. Back to normal - roaming the hood, little spring cleaning and some computer work. Looks like the only fine day we will have this week. Maybe I'll skip the cleaning and stick to the outdoors today.
Even Mother Nature with her wicked trick of snow didn't ruin my Sunday. Got muffins done for Larry's lunches, made cookies for my cousin. She came for a visit and did my eyebrows. It was good to catch up with her since we don't see one another as much anymore. But I got a call from friends up the road about an Indigo Bunting, so I tossed Tammy out and yelled to Larry to "start the car, start the car". Of course he disappeared when we arrived, but a little patience and wet feet and he popped back out.  I had one in November 2014 in the yard one afternoon but not with the brilliant blue this one was sporting. It made for a great afternoon. And most of the snow has melted off.
 Male Indigo Bunting - what a fabulous blue bird.

 While waiting for the Bunting, a Bald Eagle was flying overhead.
 Waters are moving fast and high.
Purple Finch on another stop.

Enjoy your day!

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