Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 105 - 14th April 2016 - Tree Buds, Reflections and Flowers

Nice morning, I can have my coffee on the deck now (if I wear a jacket), watch the sun come up  and listen to the Song Sparrows welcoming the day.  I enjoy starting the day off like this. Hopefully our bad weather is passed. Last evening the Peepers were singing up a storm, could hear the ducks in the lake and the call of the Loon. I think Spring is here.
Well it cleared and turned out to be a beautiful Wednesday - sunny, warm and boy I wish I had been home and not in town. Overall it wasn't a bad day, got a few things done and some errands. Lunch at the Beandock catching up with the girls and my favourite Scallop, Bacon Wrap.

Trees are budding out.

The Cranberry ditch is full of water offering lovely reflections of the trees nearby.

And a few more flowers spring from the beds.

Enjoy your day!

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