Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 61 - 1st March 2016 - Boat, Rooster, Crocus and Leaf

Good morning March - arriving gently. It's a warm morning, little breeze with the stars and moon in the sky.  Looks like it's going to be a good day. Nothing exciting planned for the day, Larry has a Dr.'s appointment late this afternoon. Maybe I'll roam the hood some. Although it's quiet I keep hoping for a few different ducks to arrive in one of the coves and our Canada Geese pair - William and Kate are hanging around now every day. Hopefully they will nest in Beaverfarm Lake again this year.
February ended with a beautiful day. I got my errands done and then Larry picked me up and we went and watched the boat being launched that they had just finished building. She's lovely and looks great in the water. We were hope shortly after lunch. The feeders are not terribly active - a few birds but it seems to nice for many. I need to pick up feed too on my next town trip.
No More.
A leaf just paddling around in the lake.
Handsome fellow - not much more at Lois' feeders.
And the first of my Crocus' are through the ground.

Enjoy your day!

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