Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 77 - 17th March 2016 - Canada Geese, the Lake and Mallards

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm pleased to say I have some Irish roots in my family tree. Although I won't likely do any big celebrating - going to be a day of computer work and I should return to the house wrecking - or at least try to swamp out one of the rooms that now has extra stuff piled up in it. All fun and games!
As predicted Wednesday was a day of rain and me being wet. Although on the up note it tapered off by late afternoon so I didn't have to stand in the rain waiting for Larry to pick me up to go home. Not a day of great accomplishments but a few things done.
I enjoying watching the interactions of the Geese.
From a windy day - but blue skies over the lake.
The Mallards have all paired up, nesting season will soon commence.
I played around a bit with this one - if I was a painter I'd do it in water colors - soft dreamy background with the harder lines of the flower and stems.

Enjoy your day!

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