Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 66 - 6th March 2016 - Goldfinches, Purple Finches and Pine Siskins

Stars are out this morning, no wind - snow should start melting today. The temperatures next week are warmer and we'll return to our spring weather once again...I hope. Since Larry is going back to work tomorrow, I've got to make muffins and do lunch box prep this morning. We are returning to the routine I like.  Also have some computer work to get through but shouldn't take a long time.
I think the only one who can predict the weather in Nova Scotia is Frankie from Cape Breton. Seriously, all those so called experts and meteorologists don't seem to understand it. Ah well it did stop before lunch but we got a fair amount. Anyway it was a good day to start the purge of junk...or at least re-organize some of it. I must admit we did get quite a lot done, but there is still more to do. As soon as the snow disappears again, a counter and a few other things will go outside with a 4-sale sign or I'll take some pics and post them on the internet. Time to get rid of some big pieces of furniture.  The birds were active at the feeders - the wind and snow brings them back. No one new mind you, just the faithful. Although, the Chipping Sparrow returned and I haven't seen him all week.
The Goldfinches and Pine Siskins were hungry.
The male Purple Finches add a punch of color during the snow.
The Christmas tree is still holding and the birds enjoy the seeds that fall through the branches.
Goldfinch waiting his turn.
Pine Siskin found the mother lode.

Enjoy your day!

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