Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 62 - 2nd March 2016 - Mallards, Ferns and Leaves

Stars are out this morning, but surrounded by dark clouds. Looks like lots of rain on the way for today. I'm off to town so will no doubt spend most of the day dashing between rain drops or just plain getting wet. Snow forecast for Friday and Saturday - oh well at this point it won't hang around too many days..
Another windy day and not quite a warm as I had hoped. Built a fire in the furnace mid morning to take the chill off. A roam around the hood revealed very little, the feeders are relatively quiet as well. Pretty dull these days, but it's nice to see flowers cropping up. Larry went off for his Dr.'s appointment, home until his follow up next Tuesday. Although she says it is healing so that's good. Meanwhile he'll putter around the house and yard, resting it in between as it gains strength again.

A pair of Mallards.
Each day the Pussy Willows bud out a little more.

These ferns have remained green all winter. A little ragged now.
And the dried leaves blow around - weightless and carefree.

Enjoy your day!

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