Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 68 - 8th March 2016 - Purple Finch, Pine Siskins and Chickadee

Feels milder this morning, looks like the temperatures will go up and hopefully more snow disappears. Maybe the ice will begin melting once again in the lake.  Think I'll head out to the hood this morning, then continue tackling the purging/cleaning. It would be nice to get 1-2 rooms back to rights. I need to spend some time in the kitchen, too, doing some more lunch box preps ( restocking what I have in the freezer) and maybe a chili for the next couple of suppers.
I buzzed around yesterday morning getting lots of things done in the house and readying to go to a meeting after lunch, only to realize about 11:30 or so that the meeting was next Monday - I was a week early.  So I continued in my quest to wreck the house. It is always worse before it's better, right? There were a number of birds at the feeders, nothing new after Saturday's storm  but I live in hope for something unusual. The sun was strong and warm melting a lot of the snow in the yard and as the grass appeared so did the Robins.  I watched Kate & William land in one of the coves on the ice. Even on ice they are graceful but didn't sound impressed as they honked their displeasure. I advised them to head over to Lois & Danny's for some supper. Of course I had Lexi but not Big B. with me. Around supper time, the grass was quickly covered by snow once again.
There seems to be more Purple Finch around this last week.
The Pine Siskins have increased in numbers as well.
The Chickadee doesn't look impressed, not sure what was up with him. Maybe a squirrel in the feeder.

And the Pussy Willows continue to open.

Enjoy your day!

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