Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 84 - 24th March 2016 - Waves, Purple Finches and Grandmother's Journal

And it rained and rained some more, but finally late in the afternoon it cleared. It was nice to watch the first full moon of spring rise up over the trees last night and stars all in the sky. This morning they are mostly behind clouds. Busy day in town, Wednesday - not as much one as I would have liked.
Grandmother's Journal:
23 Mar 1977: What a storm overnight.High winds, snow starting around 3 am. I stayed home from work this morning. By noon, snow didn't seem too bad. Kim walked up this morning late. Haven't been out today. Still snowing but no high wind. 
24 Ma r 1977: Road bad to MC. Barb P. got stuck at Warrner's in a snow drift. Kim still here. Bob had a shot for his bursitis. Dr. MW. Paining him tonight. 
25 Mar 1977: Bob still home, arm is sore from the needle. Still snow over night. Snow flurries most of the day. Sharon H. had a luncheon bridge - very nice. Kim got her grandfather his supper. She's gone to a school thing for the evening. Plans to come back for the night. 
More waves.
And a couple of Male Purple Finches.

Enjoy your day!

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