Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 67 - 7th March 2016 - Ice, Pine Siskin and the Lake

Monday morning - going to be a good day - Larry is heading back to work, life will get back to normal. Might get out for a walk this morning then get some work done around here. Meeting after lunch, exercise class this evening. Who says dull can't be exciting!
The sun was stronger yesterday, snow began to melt and the wind  died down some. Made for a nice day. I did the lunch box stuff then we went back to destroying the house. Well it seems like that's what we are doing - I guess destruction comes before construction! By mid afternoon I had had enough and decided a walk was needed - some fresh air and my back wanted a rest. We are also to a point where I want to do some re-arranging on my own without assistance. It will be good once it's all done.  Since the snow - birds are active at the feeders - lots of Pine Siskins, Goldfinches and Purple Finches. All three Sparrows arrived - Song, White-Throated and Chipping. The Blue Jays and Mourning Doves seem to be multiplying.
I love the way the ice hangs from bushes along the lake, although am hoping these are the last of those kind of photos. Too bad the sun was hiding behind a cloud when I took them.

Pine Siskin. They seem to like the feeders on the fence, and wait impatiently for their turns.
Lovely day on the lake - it's frozen over again, but won't last.

Enjoy your day!

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