Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 74 - 14th March 2016 - Kate & William, Leaves and A Grackle

 A good night sleep to start off the week, hoping the time change is going to work for me. Now if the sun would just come up a bit earlier -  soon enough and it should be. It's nice to have the daylight time after supper but being a morning person..well you know. Need to buzz around and get some work done this morning, have a meeting this afternoon then exercise class this evening.
A beautiful day with strong March winds. Guess those on dirt roads will have them dried out soon. It was a good day to putter inside and out. Larry cleaned the furnace pipe and chimney, put a little wood in the basement. I got lunch boxes under the way for the week, cooked a chicken, laundry etc. Got a couple of jaunts around the hood but with the wind, less to see then I normally do lately. A few Mallards, Black Ducks and Kate & William in the coves.
They are such a handsome couple.

 Kate bathes ...
while William watches over her. Ever alert.

Leaves were blowing across the lake.

 Whirligigs were whirling in the hood.
And Harriett the Grackle has returned...with 7-8 of her nearest and dearest friends and family. She's pretty stunning with her iridescent colors.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I had 3 grackles arrive yesterday... they're hefty eaters.