Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 70 - 10th March 2016 - Robins, Daffodils and Crocus'

A mild start to the day. That time of day when morning is breaking through the trees is feeling like spring. I stand on the deck with coffee listening to the Ducks and Geese in the lake, the Crows with their wake up song, Woodpeckers seeking breakfast and a Song Sparrow near by. We are moving into better days, no matter what those crazy meteorologists say.
A normal busy Wednesday - rushing around, trying to get things done. Good lunch at the Beandock - had my favourite Bacon/Scallop Wrap.
As soon as the snow disappears from a patch of grass, the Robins are in the yard.

There were 3-4 roaming around the other day.

The snow has disappeared from this patch of garden but it didn't seem to bother the Tulips and Daffodils.

Today the Crocus' will be in bloom and no snow will surround them.

Enjoy your day!

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