Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 81 - 21st March 2016 - Bird's Nest, Purple Finch and Canada Goose

It's snowing out - blah! Suppose to turn to ice pellets and then rain later this morning. Yeah I know it's only March and we can still have snow but... I'm ready for Spring!  It's really out of my control - come to think of it, most things are but it's no point in arguing with Mother Nature. I've had a restless night - woke right up at midnight, came downstairs and read for a while then fell asleep on the sofa only to dream the rest of the night. So I'm not right perking, but slept enough to get through the day. Computer work and doing some more swamping out rooms. My aim is to get that stuff done this week and finish up some spring cleaning.
Well the first day of spring was a little chilly but the sun was shining all day. I was stuck in side until late afternoon but managed a quick jaunt around the hood before supper. Larry has began the chore of cutting up the wood for next winter.  His words - "might as well start it now you'll want to go birding on the weekends before too long". Wise man.  He knows I'm anxious for Warblers and Shorebirds to return.
Birds nest from last year.

Purple Finch - I think their coloring is getting brighter.
And she prepares to glide into the lake.
Pretty graceful.
and in she goes.

Enjoy your day!

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