Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 75 - 15th March 2016 - Ice, White-breasted Nuthatch and Crocuses

Looks like if I want to get a walk in today, I better go this morning. Rain on the way - the rest of the week looks mostly wet. Oh well I've got lots of inside work to keep me entertained whether or not I want to it - need to get it done. Rain is encouraging for that kind of stuff. 
Another fine day with chilly winds. Buzzed around getting some things done in the morning, even managed a quick walk in the hood.  Keeping my eyes open for the Wood Ducks to return in a cove but nothing yet. Could hear a number of Woodpeckers around. The Grackles along with a Starling were in and out of yard. They appear to be hungry - gives the Blue Jay some competition. The little birds don't seem to mind and will gather below or at a feeder closer to the house. Cleaned a little debris from a flower bed while I was waiting for my meeting ride.
A little shell ice on the cranberry ditch - love the patterns.

Ran into a small flock of White-breasted Nuthatches in the woods.
By lunch time the Crocus' blooms  were all open.
One Hydrangea flower - soon they will be in bloom again too.

Enjoy your day!

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