Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Day 89 - 29th March 2016 - Fox Sparrow, Chickadee and Crocuses

Seems the rain has stopped but it's very windy, that might have been what woke me up too early.  Doesn't make much difference, have lots to do today. Lunch box preps, kitchen work and continue with the Spring Cleaning. Hopefully I can get out for a good walk this morning and stretch out those muscles that took a beating at class last night.
The Blue Jays and Grackles were so vocal today, not sure what was going on but they never shut up!  I looked several times thinking there was a Hawk nearby but found nothing. Their numbers are increasing and thankfully they didn't spend all their time in the feeders but were foraging in the yard for worms, bugs etc. I suspect. Several Starlings and 4-5 Robins were enjoying the lawn as well.


 Fox Sparrow - a new visitor this Spring to the feeders yesterday afternoon.
This clump of Crocuses haven't opened yet.

Not sure if this Chickadee is interested in the feed or his reflection.
Red Berries that remain throughout the winter.

Enjoy your day!

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