Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 86 - 26th March 2016 - Junco, Chickadee and Mallards

Well Friday didn't go quite as planned - I had a dodgy stomach all day - a diet of gravol and gingerale, spending most of the time in bed (thanks to the gravol). I did manage some supper which seem to make things a bit better.  I didn't get anything done that I planned to do. Feeling better this morning, but not perhaps 100%. Anyway we are off on a group birding excursion - hoping something interesting is around. At least it seems mild and the day looks pretty good except a bit windy.

Junco foraging under the feeders.

 Chickadee in the shadows - he's found  a seed.
The five male Mallards - bobbing a long.

Enjoy your day!

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