Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day 63 - 3rd March 2016 - Rooster and Bulbs

The rain has stopped and there are white flakes in the air this  morning - still very windy (March winds - literally) and the temperatures have dropped. Might be a tad slippery on your morning commute to work, although seems the winds have dried things up quite a bit.  Larry's off to Physiotherapy after lunch - maybe I'll just have a whip around the house today with a dust cloth and broom and a few jaunts around the hood.
Well we got lots of rain on Wednesday - needless to say I got a little damp a few times in town. Overall it was a good day in town - busy, lunch at the Beandock and then back home again for a lazy night in.
One of the handsome guys at Lois' feeders.

I'm still thinking spring even though they are whispering snow for Saturday.

Sorry - short this morning, my upload speed for pics is sluggish this morning.

 Enjoy your day!

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